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Mohammad Iqbal Hossain



By Mohammad Iqbal Hossain

Voice Bangladesh is a monthly web publication intended to take you on a journey to  Understand the truth about the world we live in.

Formed by a group of conscious and progressive minds we hope to address global as well as local issues that concern us as citizens of this world. We would examine the underlying forces. That shape the events of our time, that affect our daily life and that determine the future of the World we would inherit. We envision a meeting of minds and a forum for exchanging views and insight.  Our horizon would sweep across issues of politics, economy, development, arts as well as Human Rights issues.

We live in a world of ever changing global complexity. Communication and information exchange is critical to day to day affairs. It is our solemn pledge to put forward visions of right and truth with uncompromising honesty. We shall strive to seek the following as the principles of  Voice Bangladesh . Please be with us on this journey one and all.

voice-bangladesh-DECEMBER-2Ours is an information dependent civilization. Given the number and urgency of the world problems it has never been more important to understand the myriads of intertwined issues generated on a daily basis across the globe. Some issues are short term and short lived, while other issues stay with us a long time like the industrial brown sites, radioactive nuclear wastes, depletion on fossil fuels generating carbon pollutants which is choking the earth to death.

The new global economy and communication has changed the aspects of politics, technological advances, cultural values and standards of living creating an era of fusion in all the aspects of our daily lives. It has also created a lack of balance between the haves and have-notch, the strong and the week, between good and evil. We mean to publish smart original thought and observations in the digital media. Hope fully it will be thought provoking and enlightening journalism true to life and shall bring credibility to Voice Bangladesh.


                We pledge:

  • To seek the truth in reporting.
  • To maintain high moral standard.
  • To respect your thoughts and feedback.
  • To champion the visions of a brave new world.


(Mohammad Iqbal Hossain;Managing Editor of Voice Bangladesh, Architect;Born in Dhaka, 1951 .Completed his Bachelors degree from BUET in 1975 & His Masters degree in Architecture from MIT, Boston, 1984. Presently a Practicing Architect, Healthcare Planner & Consultant in NY, and Bangladesh. Associate Member, American Institute of Architects. Lives in New York, USA, since 1982 . A cultural and human rights activist, was   closely involved in organizing protest in NY against Saudi Brutality of beheading. President, Bangladeshi American Artist Forum, NY. Amateur poet, artist & singer.)


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