Dialogue and Dilemma, 2013

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Mohammad Iqbal HossainBy Mohammad Iqbal Hossain

The beginning of a new year is an unmistakable Editors Dilemma.  It is only natural for an Editor  to look back to the previous year and summarize the best and the worst, or forecast the year to  come:  the Politics, the Economy, the new Technology, the Energy Crisis and presently the ever looming issue of GLOBAL WARMING, and the ever present state of Human Rights. I would like to

Go to my telescope and peer into the future sky of the coming year.


A brief homage must be paid to the unusually bright star of 2012. Teenage Pakistani girl Malala Usuf Jai , probably the Joan of Arc of human rights in the field of education. She had been shot in the head at close range by Taliban chauvinists. Miraculously she survived the gruesome ordeal. But the shot was not in vain. It was heard around the world loud and clear. Malala is now an epitome of free human spirit and champion of human rights. May her journey continue well into the future of mankind? The outpouring of condemnation around the world on the medieval chauvinist execution reflected the psyche of global society, something to look forward to in the coming year of 2013.


The personal tragedy of the recent rape victim in India also created a pronounced reverberation around the world. Conscious mind raised the issue of possible deterrent to this abominable phenomenon of violence. On the government level probably a few futile bylaws will be in place.

Nevertheless the mind of contemporary world will continue to churn the issue. As aptly pointed out in this month’s article, rape is an ever present issue in the history of human society. Sexual intercourse with a below age minor had been considered rape as per medieval Christian value. In sharp contrast, the practice of underage wedding of girls restricted that definition of rape in our sub-continent .  Intercourse with non consenting adults is also considered rape even between legally married couples. Again the line between personal violation and spousal rights to intercourse is still different between east and the west. It would be interesting to find the aspect of rape in the past matriarchal society prior to the takeover of male chauvinist society installed their dominance under the cloak of religion and superiority of sexual difference. Despite the advances in women’s rights to their choices “The enigma of Rape “will remain an elusive subject.


One notable observation is the fact that the incidence of rape is prevalent more in the financially under privileged society. We can speculate that with the advent of financial opportunity in the global economy will improve the social disparity between different earning groups.


All in all, 2013 bring in parity in the global financial arena. Independent entrepreneurship all over the world and land privatization of Communist China has launched a new era in the global economy at a breakneck speed. The gargantuan consumer society has created general affluence and the national financial reserve has claimed its stronghold on the prosperity of the eastern hemisphere. The western world is trying to jump on the bandwagon of free market.


There is no dilemma as to where the next decade is heading. The dilemma is what the monster of new world economy would contribute to the human condition. Economic colonization, the unscrupulous mergers and the struggle to acquire a piece of consumer market pie may dwarf the quest and consciousness for peace, human dignity ant the universal “society of Man”.

(Mohammad Iqbal Hossain;Managing Editor of Voice Bangladesh, Architect;Born in Dhaka, 1951 .Completed his Bachelors degree from BUET in 1975 & His Masters degree in Architecture from MIT, Boston, 1984. Presently a Practicing Architect, Healthcare Planner & Consultant in NY, and Bangladesh. Associate Member, American Institute of Architects. Lives in New York, USA, since 1982 . A cultural and human rights activist, was   closely involved in organizing protest in NY against Saudi Brutality of beheading. President, Bangladeshi American Artist Forum, NY. Amateur poet, artist & singer.)


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