Foreign Diplomats in Bangladesh should look for whole truth

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   By Monaem Sarker

The following statement was signed by twenty members of the United States diplomatic team. Archer K. Blood, Consul General of Dhaka prepared after the  Pak Army crackdown on March 25, 1971 and the same was sent to American Embassy on 6th April 1971 in Islamabad, Pakistan and State Department, Washington DC.

“Our government has failed to denounce the suppression of democracy. Our government has failed to denounce atrocities. Our government has failed to take forceful measures to protect its citizens while at the same time bending over backwards to placate the West Pakistan dominated government and to lessen any deservedly negative international public relations impact against them. Our government has evidenced what many will consider moral bankruptcy, ironically at a time when the USSR sent President Yahya Khan a message defending democracy, condemning the arrest of a leader of a democratically-elected majority party, incidentally pro-West and calling for an end to repressive measures and bloodshed… But we have chosen not to intervene, even morally, on the grounds that the Awami conflict, in which unfortunately the overworked term genocide is applicable, is purely an internal matter of a sovereign state. Private Americans have expressed disgust. We as professional civil servants, express our dissent with current policy and fervently hope that our true and lasting interests here can be defined and our policies redirected.”

US President Nixon and his Chief Security Advisor (Later on Secretary of State) Kissinger acted very quickly. Archer K. Blood was transferred from Dhaka and for the next six years, while Kissinger was still in power, he was in professional exile, excluded from any work having to do with foreign policy. It may be mentioned that Archer K. Blood was a member of US Foreign Service cadre. In late April 1971 at the very height of the genocide in Bangladesh Kissinger sent a message to General Yahya Khan, President of Pakistan thanking him for his ‘delicacy and tact’.  At the fag end of our liberation war when the defeat of Pakistan Army in the then East Pakistan became inabetable, both Nixon and Kissinger requested China several times to deploy their Army along the Indian border, ostensibly to frighten India of course, China did not comply. Bangladesh achieved independence wading through the obstruction created by two super power USA and China. All Muslim states were against us. Even the founding states of Non Aligned movement like Egypt Yugoslavia and Indonesia did not come to our rescue. Bangladesh paid heavily for its independence. 3 million people sacrificed their lives, 3 hundred thousand women were dishonored and 10 million people were compelled to leave their home and took shelter in neighbouring India. Now we have a lot of friends abroad. The foreign diplomats are enjoying free rides in the political arena. This scenario just reminded us the days of 1971 when we had hardly any foreign friend. Recently elections were held as provided in the constitution. But the honourable foreign diplomats did not accept this election as it has been boycotted by a major political party. In fact this is absolutely an internal matter of Bangladesh. But our politician’s habit of know-towing the foreign powers has created such a situation that they can interfere into any matter be it internal or external. Let us accept the view that all people did not participate in the polls. This has shocked our foreign friends. They want to see that all people take part in the polls. During almost a year BNP-Jamat alliance has been committing atrocities through out the country. Innocent commuters including the transport workers were burnt alive. Thousands of trees were uprooted in highway. Railway carriages were destroyed along with railway tracks. In a word the reign of terror was let loose. Members of the minority community have been facing attacks for two reasons. As pledged in the election manifesto of Awami League the war criminal was tried and punishment was awarded by the International crimes tribunal. BNP-Jamat hoodlums jumped upon the minority community as if they were the architects of this trial.

Again atrocities were let loose upon them in connection with the election of the Parliament. Their dwelling houses were burnt, properties damaged and women were raped. Our humble questions to our honourable foreign diplomats are why they were silent and did not show their agility in stopping these atrocities. Are not these crimes considered as those against humanity? We appreciate their concern for our peoples voting rights, but which is more important safety of life or voting rights. Foreign diplomats in Dhaka gave lots of Sermons during and after Parliament Election. There were many poll survey befor and after election. Recently published poll survey done by US based research organization Democratic International (D.I), results of the survey printed in National dailies. If election would held with all parties participation Awami League would get 42.7% & BNP 35.1%.

After 43 years we are going to commemorate the genocide since 25 March 1971. Our foreign diplomats should not forget about genocide in 1971. In 1974 Kissinger was heard to pronounce Bangladesh ‘an international basket case.’ In November 1974, on a brief face-saving tour of the region, Kissinger made an eight-hour stop in Bangladesh and gave a three-minute press conference in which he refused to say why he had sent the USS Enterprise (the 7th fleet)  into the Bay of Bengal three years before. Within a few weeks of his departure, we now know, a faction at the US embassy in Dhaka began covertly meeting with a group of Bangladeshi officers who were planning a coup against Sheikh Mujib. On 15 August 1975, Bangabandhu and forty members of his family were murdered in a so called military takeover. His closest political associate’s four National Leaders of Bangladesh Freedom movements were bayoneted to death in their prison cells on 3rd November 1975.

We would urge our honourable foreign diplomats not to lose sight of the terrorist’s activities at present and before. In the past some western powers have nourished the fundamentalists and sometimes appeased them. The result was disastrous. There is no use in mentioning the phenomena. All should remember that the activities of the terrorists who are working under the guise of political parties would not be confined within the border of Bangladesh. It will spread around the globe and the possibility of 9/11 incident again can not be ruled out.

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